Life sucks! Or does it? Perspective changes it all.

It is important to understand that our emotions and reactions often complicate things unnecessarily.  If you are presented with a situation that is ALREADY challenging, wouldn’t it be nice to not complicate it even more!

Life can be simple

Want to stop making life hard? You may not believe me, but life can be simple.  Now, don’t get me wrong – this does NOT mean it will be  easy.  Not surprisingly, our emotions and reactions often complicate life unnecessarily.  When presented with a situation that is ALREADY challenging, recognize it as a crossroads! 

When presented with a situation we have two choices:


2. Remaining CALM and IN CONTROL of our emotions

We make choices

Let me give you an example from my life because it is what led me to becoming a Thrive Coach.  My husband and I work for the same school and in Spring 2021 our state legislature created a bill that would shut our school down.   We were facing the possibility of losing 100% of our income (and this was not the first time our state tried to close us down!)  

I COULD have created STRESS, ANXIETY, OVERWHELM, DRAMA and CHAOS.   All my time could have been spent obsessing over what we would do if we lost our income. My thoughts could have been consumed with scary thoughts about our future.  The 6 months that followed could have been awful for me and our whole family. However, it was nothing like that.

I made the decision to get qualified in a field outside of education.  I spent the next six months training to be a Thrive Coach.  Thankfully, our school never was shut down.  I do love my teaching job!  However, I am incredibly grateful that I spent those 6 months broadening my skills and developing in an area I really enjoy.  

Stop Making Life Hard

I did not always face challenges this way.  When I was young I would do EXACTLY the opposite.  I reacted emotionally and made my life much harder than it needed to be.  I have LEARNED to deal with the stressors in my life in a calm and in control way and YOU CAN as well.  

You are going to be faced with challenging situations for the rest of your life.  Learn the skills needed to confront the situation head on and strengthen your confidence to get through whatever is in your path.M

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Jenny Johnston
My name is Jenny Johnston and I am an educator, team leader and coach. I enjoy helping people to live a life filled with joy and happiness during the best of times AND learn how to THRIVE through the challenging times. Happy people were not born that way, they have just learned how to manage their thinking when times are tough. EVERYONE can learn to do this.

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