You exercise your mental health daily – Do it RIGHT!

Mental health is an integral part of our day to day life. For this reason, it deserves far more POSITIVE education and attention than it gets. 

Mental health is an integral part of our day to day life. We need to be exercising our minds every day – but how?  We need more POSITIVE education about how to take care of our mental health better.  Typically, we see headlines on mental health disorders and illnesses. Often, we feel the societal stigma attached to seeking therapy and counseling.  This is harmful to those who suffer from mental health challenges and it prevents from openly embracing the fact that our mental health matters.  Let’s normalize the idea that our mental health needs to be ACTIVELY exercised on a daily basis! Our mind is just another muscle that needs our attention!

Exercise my mind?  HOW?

Mental health has many moving parts including our thoughts, feelings and behavior.   Most people do not give enough credit to the POWER of their thoughts and language. To be quite blunt, most people are not even conscious of the negative way they talk to themselves, how often they blame others or the impact their spoken language has in their life.  This allows people to feel like a victim. In their mind, life is happening TO them.  

how we can do better

The reality is that most people do not ACTIVELY take control of their mental health. Would you get in the passenger seat of a car and try to drive? NO! This is essentially what you are doing when you do not actively exercise your mind – your emotions are in control, NOT YOU.  Stop giving your power away! You have far more power and control over your life than you think you do. 

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You have deeply held beliefs about who you are. Those beliefs determine EVERYTHING about your life – thoughts, feelings, behaviors. Are your beliefs empowering and positive? Sadly, most people hold beliefs about themself that are anything BUT empowering.

You are the one in control of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors. It is important for you to work on your mental health EVERY DAY – every moment really.  In order to do this, you must challenge every negative thought with a positive one,  every put down with a compliment, every complaint with a thought of gratitude.  With consistent and persistent effort, your thoughts, feelings and beliefs will become strong and empowering! Keep at it and eventually, you will be in the driver’s seat of a strong and empowered life!

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